David Allen How to Get Things Done | Ep. 215

David Allen

David Allen, the bestselling author of Getting Things Done, helps individuals unlock their mind’s optimal condition for more productivity and creativity.

“If you’ve got stuff in your head, that’s the worst place in the world to keep it. Your head’s a crappy office.” – David Allen

Mind Clear as Water

David Allen How to Get Things Done | Ep. 215David has been on a path towards self-development. Along the way, he’s achieved a black belt in Karate and has practiced the art of meditation.

Through it all, freedom was one ultimate goal. He desired the freedom to enjoy the good things in life while maintaining clarity of thought and of perception.

Discovering What Worked

But the busyness of life can get in the way of that liberating experience. How could one get things done in a more productive manner?

“When I found stuff that worked for me, I turned around and used that for my clients and it worked for them exactly the same way — produce more control, more focus, more space, more bandwidth, more ability to focus on the more meaningful things.” – David Allen

David went to explore different techniques that work. He became hungry for answers. Among the questions he asked was, “How do you surf on top instead of feeling overwhelmed?”

Corporate Productivity Seminars

When he discovered what worked, it became his core methodology in business. An HR Head of a huge corporation saw what he was doing and said they need it in their culture.

They need people to be accountable. They need people to step up to the plate and ensure nothing falls off the cracks. So, he asked David if he could design a training program around what he’s created.

David worked for a couple of months with their development team. He designed a pilot program of a two-day personal productivity seminar. They conducted a pilot program for a thousand executives and managers over a period of time.

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