Jaime Jay welcomes David Jenyns to today’s podcast. David is an entrepreneur through and through. In his final year of schooling, he needed to make a decision between university and career and David Jenynshe decided to follow the money. In conversation with a friend he decided the stock market was the place to be.

David Jenyns, Investing in His Future

David went against advice from friends and family, took out a loan and enrolled in a stock market weekend trading course. At the end of that weekend, he realized oh hold on, you need money to trade in the stock market. Not a good outlook with $5000 in debt, living with his mum in a two bedroom flat and working at a supermarket to pay it back.

Entrepreneurship kicked in as he realized he needed to get something to sell and make money. David and a friend wrote a study guide for the particular trading community he had gotten to know and it sold well. But it did not sell well outside of his small community.

“You can have a really great product, if no one knows it exists, it’s not really worth it.” – David Jenyns

The Chain Reaction

This is when David got into online marketing. It set off a chain reaction for him. Most recently he has started a digital agency Melbourne SEO Services in Melbourne, Australia which takes the knowledge he learned in the stock market niche about how to market things online.

Ranking Goals

Today you do not have an SEO strategy unless you have a content strategy, they really go hand in hand. You first need to think about your content strategy, your audience and what they would be typing into Google and what they would be thinking the moment they are about to make a purchasing decision or are they still in research mode.

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You want to create content around those phrases. If you think about the way Google does, Google’s objective is to answer someone’s questions in the least number of clicks. If you can provide content that helps get them to an answer as quickly as possible you are effectively aligning your objectives with Google’s objectives.

If you would like to learn what David says next about creating content to make SEO easy, download and listen to Mark’s episode 89 of Stop Riding the Pine.

Connect with David Jenyns

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with David Jenyns if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is David Jenyns? (4:30 Mark)
  • Questions to ask for content? (8:04 Mark)
  • Getting smarter with Google (12:41 Mark)
  • Consistency is key (22:20 Mark)
  • Standing out from the crowd (25:30 Mark)
  • David’s breakaway moment (34:30 Mark)

Special Mentions:
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