Dr. Marty McDermott – Podcasting Franchise Expert

Jaime Jay welcomes Dr. Marty McDermott – Podcasting Franchise Expert to the show today. Dr. Marty began by writing a newsletter about franchising when he was approached by a local Dr. Marty McDermott - Podcasting Franchise Expertradio station to do a live podcast. 10 years later he is releasing his 500th episode!


Podcasting and Branding

Podcasting has opened many doors for Dr. Marty McDermott just as it has for Jaime Jay. Dr. Marty says it’s important to go outside of your comfort zone. Meeting great people has all happened for Dr. Marty through podcasting.

It’s very natural, you make a lot of mistakes along the way but it’s the best thing Dr. Marty has ever done.

Stay in the Game – Dr. Marty McDermott

Dr. Marty loves the fact that numbers of downloads and users of podcasting just keeps going up and up. What really drew him into podcasting is the sense of community. A community of givers. If you need the information, podcasters are willing to share what they know.

Lisa likes to stay on top of the world of web designing trends. The trend today is moving away from stock photos and towards more illustrative designs. Lisa loves this aspect of her job.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Dr. Marty McDermott – Podcasting Franchise Expert if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Dr. Marty McDermott? (4:00 Mark)
  • Podcasting is hard so why do it? (5:36 Mark)
  • What is Franchise Interviews? (7:53 Mark)
  • How did Dr. Marty choose franchising for his podcast? (18:00 Mark)
  • What was Dr. Marty’s break away moment? (36:12 Mark)

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