Drew Massie

Drew Massie is a Serial Entrepreneur and knows what it takes to start, build and sell a company. Listen in as Drew shares his secrets and methods to successful entrepreneurship.

“Whatever you’ve been thinking inside or screaming to say, go talk about it and see what comes back.” – Drew Massie

First Business Sold

139 Drew Massie YouDrew studied political science but went into investment banking in San Francisco. He saw how many people were starting to put up businesses. That inspired him to launch his first company called Complete Car.

“It was about hearing the kind of success that some people were having with ideas that were just terrible.” – Drew Massie

Complete Car was primarily a vertical search engine for finding repairing stations. Someone bought his company after some time.

Career Milestones

Drew taught himself to program and work on the backend. His skills landed him a job at a law firm. He eventually went to business school and started another company.

“It has been an application of technology and a variety of ways. It’s the path of the butterfly.” – Drew Massie on entrepreneurial journey

He went into other ventures in the process until he landed on a good market. Recently, he built a tool that is suitable for call center agents.

Challenges and Moving Forward

139 Drew Massie YouThe recession was a tough challenge to Drew. According to him, he has always been under capitalized. He tries to fulfill different functions as much as possible.

“The smart money probably says that you should focus on the things that bring the most value and outsource the rest. But if every piece is critical and you have the capacity to do it, I do all of it until it absolutely hurts.” – Drew Massie

He hopes that by doing things by himself, he is able to earn more money and have more experience. In the long run, he can bring in someone to help him out.

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