Dwayne Paro

On today’s episode, Jaime Jay welcomes Dwayne Paro. Dwayne is the founder of Landmark Life Coaching. He is passionate about helping transitioning veterans start their own business. Recently, he branched out and launched Charlie Mike Podcast. Tune in and learn about his fascinating program for veterans!

One thing I stress with the veterans I deal with, other than being focused on translating technical skills, be focused on translating those core strengths you built in the military. Because a lot of those core strengths [beat] the leadership.” -Dwayne Paro

Entrance to the Military

Dwayne Paro From Military to BusinessDwayne signed up for the air force at a young age. His high school graduation was just two weeks over when he joined and served the military for eight years.

After the military, he spent almost 20 years working for the federal government as a contractor in Washington DC. He’s worked with lots of combat veterans since then. That inspired him to start his life coaching business.

Dealing with the Transition

The transition process is not easy. The administration is doing its best to support veterans. But, there isn’t a clear solution yet.

There’s been so many years of war that we’ve dealt with between Iraq and Afghanistan that we’ve got thousands and thousands of veterans in transition.” -Dwayne Paro

Many veterans suffer from mental and physical handicaps. Among the challenges they face are suicide and unemployment. Because of his life coaching practice, Dwayne has had the honor of hearing their stories and working with them.

The Need for More

Dwayne Paro From Military to BusinessEven with 43,000 non-profits backing up, there is still not enough support. According to Dwayne, a lot of the organizations don’t communicate with others. They just do their own thing.

These programs are all amazing. But even with all those out there, they are unaware or they’ve become disenfranchised.” -Dwayne Paro

There are lots of challenges in partnering with the non-profits. And despite how wonderful the programs are, there still exists a need for a better way to support.

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