Eliot Wagonheim

Jaime Jay welcomes Eliot Wagonheim to today’s podcast. Eliot is the Principal of Wagonheim Law, a general counsel for small and large businesses. He and his team are dedicated in offering counsel and representation on almost every business issue. Tune in to Eliot Wagonheim General Counsel for Businesses to learn more!

Working with Passion

Eliot Wagonheim General Counsel for BusinessesEliot has been a business attorney for 30 years already. He’s worked with companies from all strengths across industries. From his experiences, he’s learned what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, a successful businessman, and a successful manager. Eliot is passionate in working with people who would get in the game.

Identifying the Best Customer

Eliot shares that a lot of people get so consumed with their situation. They don’t see the world through the eyes of their best customer, and don’t often stop to identify who their best customer is. Instead, they focus on their own solutions in going about the business.

“I see so many people come into my conference room in love with their idea but haven’t brought to life who their best client is.” –Eliot Wagonheim

Your best customer can be anyone that gives you the best quality of life. With this, Eliot emphasizes the importance of identifying your best customer. Identify their primary problem to which you are providing the solution.

Selling the Right Solution

Eliot Wagonheim General Counsel for BusinessesImagine that you want to put up shelves and cabinets in your garage. For this, you go out in search for the drill you need. You can go down the entire aisle and find many different kinds of drills with many different features.

“People don’t buy drills; they buy holes.” –Eliot Wagonheim

You see, you didn’t go out looking for a drill. What you are really looking for is the hole in your masonry in the garage that you can use to put up your shelves or cabinets. In retrospect, Eliot discusses that people aren’t buying the drill, however, so many businesses spend time selling it.

Listen to the rest of the story of Eliot Wagonheim for a lot of valuable insights on starting and maintaining a business. Connect with Eliot and get general counsel and representation on your business. Remember to let Eliot know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

Elliot’s website
Elliot’s book

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Eliot Wagonheim if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Eliot Wagonheim? ([3:48])
  • Main things for entrepreneurs to look out for? ([5:00])
  • Thinking about the end result? ([13:08])
  • What is a scope creep? ([15:05])
  • Biggest challenges in home-based businesses? ([18:58])
  • Getting a liability protection? ([21:35])
  • Eliot’s Breakaway Moment? ([29:25])
  • Eliot’s piece of advice? ([33:50])

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