George B. Thomas

Creating great videos is the next step in the inbound marketing evolution. George B. Thomas has all of the tips and tricks from using your smartphone to hiring a videographer to kick your business into high gear!

“[People] need to see us before we see them, they need to hear us before we hear them, and they need to know us before we know them.” – George B. Thomas on why videos are magical

Into Inbound Marketing

184 George B. Thomas Video Marketing ExpertGeorge served as a youth pastor for years. His love for graphic design and web development landed him a job with an agency.

“People want to do business with people that they trust.” – George B. Thomas

In 2012, he got to hear about Gary Vaynerchuk. That inspired him to become an inbound marketer, who’d teach people how to do business better.

Helping People Get Started with Videos

George has 13 HubSpot certifications and has produced more than 400 CRM tutorials. He’s created videos on communication, interviews, creating videos, and others. You can find a number of these videos on The Sales Lion YouTube channel.

Connecting Brands and Customers

Videos make it easier for people to be familiar with a brand. It connects them to each other, and that’s what makes videos magical.

“I try to be human, happy, and helpful. If this is the way that you are going to conquer the world every single day, some positive things are going to happen.” – George B. Thomas on his advice to other entrepreneurs and individuals

People can have a variety of videos that they want to present. One thing they’ve realized at The Sales Lion is this: people need to know what they don’t know and understand where they are at in their game.

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