Gina Catalano

Jaime Jay welcomes Gina Catalano to today’s podcast. Gina is the founder of Venture Solutions, a consulting and coaching company focused on the success of small companies and their leaders. Gina’s over 20 years of experience gave her the insights to write the Amazon Kindle bestselling book, Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1. Listen in to learn how building an awesome relationship with your #2 or “second in command” can help your company become more successful! 

All About Relationships

Gina started out working in dormitories in the higher education. She ran residence halls, from which the “six degrees of separation” worked for her. She eventually started Gina Catalanodeveloping seminars and workshops for small manufacturers until later on, she ended up running some manufacturing companies as a vice president.

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For the last 20 years, she worked and consulted for the entrepreneurial manufacturing companies. She worked closely with the owners and found that CEOs and COOs either have an awesome relationship or struggled in having one. Thanks to her worthwhile experiences, anyone—especially those who want to become entrepreneurs—can now benefit from the insights of her bestselling book, Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1.

“Where people make a mistake is that they just hire somebody they like and that they think is a lot like them, and they expect them to just pick up and start doing things.” – Gina Catalano

Seeing the Pattern

You may be an entrepreneur who started with a great idea and opportunity, but a year later you find yourself asking, “How did all this happen?” Even with the best amount of planning, you can still end up dumbfounded with what has become. And, if you find yourself struggling with your team, it can be because of a number of things.

“Sometimes when you start hiring additional people, you got to let them be the hero.” -Gina Catalano

In the podcast, Gina identifies the two groups of people who usually consult her regarding the issue. One of the easiest things to do is to figure out what you really need and want to do on your business. And, in the process of figuring out what to do, you begin seeing some patterns—ideas of what your team should be doing for you and with you.

Gina CatalanoIdentifying the Red Flags

Entrepreneurs may tend to hire people with whom they seem to share a lot of similarities and assume that they can automatically start doing the task that they’ve hired them to do. When you’re about to train people for the job, you have to be specific with their tasks and with what you want them to achieve. Red flags or warnings of certain danger can be just around the corner, and identifying these red flags will definitely help you advance towards success.

Gina gives a clear contrast between an opposite and a complement. Some entrepreneurs can be pretty stubborn in really sharing their respective businesses with their team. However, leading your team in achieving their best as individual members may actually optimize your overall success.

Make sure you listen to the entire podcast with Gina Catalano to gain powerful insights on tandem leadership. Connect with Gina and learn how to achieve success in all areas of your business life. Remember to let Gina know you heard about her on Stop Riding the Pine!

Tandem Leadership Book

Gina is an amazing consultant to entrepreneurs! You may reach her at You may also go to her website, email her, and she will send you a copy of her book.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Gina Catalano if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Gina Catalano? (4:30)
  • How to build an awesome relationship with your staff? (7:05)
  • Seeing the pattern (9:25)
  • The right person for the job (13:34)
  • Confiding to your staff (18:40)
  • Spending money for consultants (22:30)
  • Gina’s Breakaway Moment? (28:20)
  • Gina’s piece of advice? (31:43)

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