Growing a Video Company Through Culture | Aaron Arnold 018

Video is an amazing medium. Today with Aaron Arnold, we are going to take a look at how their video company is embracing culture and growing through it in their services to Fortune 500 companies.

“[It’s about] how we can get the most out of every situation, while having fun and doing what we need to do.” – Aaron Arnold on motivating employees

Marketing Through Videos

Growing a Video Company Through Culture | Aaron Arnold 018

Aaron is the CEO of FeatherDot Productions (FDP), a video production house which provides video content for marketing. They have clients all over the world and have helped them increase their reach and sales.

They do video production, editing, filming corporate events, licensing, and more. Currently, they are expanding their business with a sales team.

Hiring the Right Person

People apply to the job initially because they want to work. At FDP, they want to know the candidates at a personal level. 

“If you can connect to [people] on a personal level, you can connect to them in a professional level.” – Aaron Arnold

They try to get to know them better during the interview, just like they do with their clients. They have a vetting process that ensures the right fit. 

Growing Through Culture

FDP also welcomes interns in the film program. They teach them, while they are with them. According to Aaron, it is a way to open doors for them to advance themselves.

“We give them a lot of the tools they can work with in order for them to move on and move up.” – Aaron Arnold 

They have had employees who left to pursue something else and returned after awhile. Employees love the company culture. It is a culture that alllows them to grow and enjoy their work.

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