Jeff Leo Herrmann Real World Content Marketing Expert

Jaime Jay welcomes Jeff Herrmann to the show today. Jeff is a content marketing zealot with an intense belief that brands are better off engaging their audiences with educational, entertaining Jeff Leo Herrmann Real World Content Marketing Expertand problem solving content instead of blasting them with massive traditional advertising campaigns. If you want to get ahead in business, listen to Jeff Leo Herrmann Real World Content Marketing Expert.

Jeff Leo Herrmann

Jeff began his career measuring emerging digital media like video games, online video and mobile media. All of the emerging media that the networks would have to deal with while driving their advertising strategies.

Applying His Knowledge Today

Today he focuses on content and SEO to help the mid market companies to punch above their weight and compete against the incumbents with massive advertising budgets. Massive budgets are not the advantage today. Jeff says the advantage goes to the stealth and the agile because there are so many media platforms to command.

SEO is Always Changing

It’s overwhelming to most. As a strategist and a content guy, Jeff says there is still a technological nuance to SEO. BUT, if you create high quality and problem solving content, Google will reward you. It’s the place people go to get their questions answered.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jeff Leo Herrmann Real World Content Marketing Expert if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Jeff Herrmann? (4:35 Mark)
  • Where is SEO today? (8:35 Mark)
  • What is Fathom? (14:45 Mark)
  • Jeff’s Break Away Moment (27:05 Mark)

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