Kelly Roach Improving Your Entrepreneurial SpiritKelly Roach Improving Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kelly Roach is a powerhouse, business growth strategist and peak performance coach that helps teams, companies and individuals increase their profit, accelerate
growth and have fun doing it! Today’s podcast is all about Kelly Roach Improving Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
2o15 was a huge growth year for Kelly Roach. Her staff grew by three, she launched her podcast Unstoppable Success Radio and prepared for the launch of her new book Unstoppable in February 2016.
Kelly has loved watching her company grow and expand from her as the single super employee to a team, an organization and now as company CEO.
Kelly has a coaching program that helps entrepreneurs find their path to success. When Kelly started she was really struggling. She participated and worked with different coaches and coaching programs. Kelly Roach could not find an all encompassing program that included support, information, strategy, technique and coaching that she needed to grow her business.Kelly Roach Improving Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
She decided to design a program that focused on all of her frustrations and developed a 52 week program that helps entrepreneurs design the right strategies, actions steps and key things to build their business and create a foundation to scale their business to a 6 or 7 figure company!
Kelly Roach knows that the truth is you need to invest at least a year to lay the foundation for sustainable success.  Kelly makes sure her clients are trained in all the key aspects of a successful business.

Kelly Roach-Background

Kelly Roach built a million-dollar branch for a Fortune 500 staffing company in 7 months at the age of 22!  Her corporate experience has been invaluable to Kelly. It’s where she learned business growth strategy, how to coach and mentor. Kelly was promoted 7 times in 8 years because she learned how to train successful people. She made other people success by teaching the skills necessary for that success.
Kelly Roach decided she could take the skills of coaching and teaching she had perfected over 10 years in corporate America to make their employees successful she could do it for entrepreneurs. She felt that entrepreneurs needed her and the skill set she could provide.

Leaving Corporate America

Kelly Roach had achieved all of the goals she had set out to achieve. She was at the top of her game and Sr. Vice President yet her heart was not full. She felt like the higher she was promoted the less freedom she would have the less difference she would make upon individuals.
Kelly roach decided to leave her corporate job to build her own business to achieve the freedom and income she desired.

Kelly Roach’s Book “Unstoppable”

Kelly Roach Improving Your Entrepreneurial SpiritKelly Roach’s book Unstoppable is the road map to grow their business. Her new book provides the same step by step instructions as her coaching program designed for those that don’t have the money toinvest in coaching but they can afford a $15 book. It’s a book someone can hold in their hands and pass on to someone else and say hey here’s something I wish I had known 10 or 15 years ago and encourage someone else to use the book’s information.
Kelly knew she had a book in her for several years. Kelly Roach came from a family that struggled with money and worked 3 jobs through college. She wanted to write a book to pass on her message that everyday people can be successful no matter where they start from. Kelly Roach says anyone can be successful if they just get in the game and take action every day.
If you would like to learn what Kelly says next about how to be a successful entrepreneur, listen to the episode by clicking on the download or the play button at the top of this article.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kelly Roach if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Kelly Roach? (2:56 Mark)
  • What sets Kelly’s coaching apart? (7:10 Mark)
  • Kelly built a million dollar staffing branch in 7 months!? (9:44 Mark)
  • What does Kelly say about leaving corporate Amercia? (11:40 Mark)
  • What was Kelly’s break away moment? (20:13 Mark)

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