Kristen Lunman is the Director of Marketing at Wipster, a startup based in Wellington, New Zealand that provides a digital media review and approval platform designed for content creators, media teams, and anyone creating short-form video projects. Originally from Canada, Kristen has spent 12 years in various marketing and product management roles, specializing in digital and agile marketing. Kristen is an advocate for businesses using video as a medium for content marketing and blogs regularly to communicate the benefits of a comprehensive video strategy.

This interview was a lot of fun because the energy level Kristen has is incredible. It’s easy to identify with her message because she does such a wonderful job of explaining what solutions Wipster provides for video producers and their clientele. Not only did Kristen do a great job of positioning Wipster, but she offers valuable insight into the world of marketing your product online. Take the time to listen to this interview, learn about Wipster and make sure to listen to some incredible tips you can use in your business to grow your online authority.

Kristen Lunman

Here’s a couple things you will learn during this interview:

  • What is Wipster?
  • How Kristen and Jaime met? (hint: social media might have something to do with it – no, not hockey…lol)
  • What is one of Kristen’s favorite ways of growing authority on Twitter?
  • What social media is working best for Kristen?
  • What you can do to increase your online visibility?
  • What was Kristen’s “Break Away” moment that has helped her find continued success?

Learn more about Kristen and Wipster:

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