Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder has worked in the social media marketing space since 2007. Her experiences, good and bad, led her to develop Meet Edgar, an online tool that automates social media scheduling and marketing.

“The older articles — the way most people do it — never get sent out again … [Repurposing evergreen content] is the smart thing to do to keep spreading that value.” – Laura Roeder

Value in Your Evergreen Content

190 Laura Roeder Social Media Expert and Creator of Meet EdgarAre you working multiple hours in order to craft original content and then share it with your followers on social media? The automation tool, Meet Edgar, offers a smarter alternative. It focuses on repurposing evergreen content and sending updates.

Talks in the Industry

Laura has appeared in various publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, CNET, and Mashable. She’s also given talks at various conferences like BlogHer and has spoken at the White House about independent entrepreneurship.

“The team really inspires me. They showed me that the next level … is really not reliant on you; it’s something bigger that you built together with other people.” – Laura Roeder on working with teams

Social Media Tool for Small Businesses

Laura used to train people how to do social media marketing. Now, her company has grown to work with 7,000 small businesses with an annual recurring revenue of $4 million.

“Edgar happily manages your social media for you.” – Laura Roader on how Meet Edgar helps small businesses

They build their relationships with their customers on trust and respect. As a whole, they work on crafting significant, long-lasting impact.

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