Marcus Damas Marketing Fueled by Culture | Ep. 200

Marcus Damas

Marcus Damas is a speaker, retired professional basketball player, devoted husband, and father. He is also the Founder and CEO of Fueled by Culture, a creative marketing agency that connects and empowers brands with influencers.

“Every experience is a part of your story. Just own it.” – Marcus Damas

From Basketball to Entrepreneurship

Marcus Damas Marketing Fueled by Culture | Ep. 200Marcus was raised in New York and started playing basketball at the age of 16. He soon rose to fame as one of the top 20 all-time scorers in Maryland, where he played for the Towson Tigers.

His desire to spend more quality time with his family sparked his entrepreneurial journey. From being a consultant at EA Sports, he now has his own company, Fueled by Culture.

About Influencer Marketing

Drawing from his experiences, he saw the need for brands to connect with the youth, millennials, and influencers. According to him, everyone has a voice. And there ought to be no biases when marketing.

“You have to cater to your audience, you have to cater to different opinions, you have to cater to different lifestyles and there should be all of those perspectives especially from a large company.” – Marcus Damas

What Influence Is to a Brand

The idea behind influence and having it is easy. It is similar to identifying the most popular kid in the playground.

“When you influence somebody to spend a dollar, then you’re an influencer.” – Marcus Damas

When someone else sees what that kid is doing, his influence could encourage that other kid to do the same thing.

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