Mark Monchek

Mark Monchek is an author, speaker and thought leader. He’s found a way to thrive in the age of disruption incorporating a “Culture of Opportunity” and shares the secrets of identifying opportunities to build your business!

The Moment of Opportunity

166 Mark Monchek Growing A Business in the Age of Disruption2007 was the best year that the Opportunity Lab had enjoyed to date. Mark woke up one day to find out that one of his employees had stolen an incredible amount of money and if that wasn’t enough, the U.S. economy had started its tailspin.

“We are in a massive age of disruption.” – Mark Monchek

Mark began a dive into depression. He woke up in the hospital after nearly dying and he had one word on his mind, “gratitude”. It was at that very moment he wondered what the opportunity was for himself.

Discovering Opportunity for Others

The opportunity Mark realized in his “aha” moment led him to see this could be used by others for their own personal crisis. Millions of American’s were feeling the effects of the recession and Mark knew if he could share what he had learned, others too could benefit from recognizing their moments of opportunity.

“You have to be constatly caring about your customers AND your empoyess AND your community AND the environment…that’s what we call a culture of opportunity not just the shareholders of the company.” – Mark Monchek

It’s All About Perspective

Mark was watching huge companies like Blockbuster and Nokia and Circuit City going out of business or shrinking to a shell of their former self and wondered why this was happening.

He realized in that moment that it was all about how those companies viewed the economic crisis. Those that realized it as an opportunity, strived to be better companies for their customers and employees.

“Disruption: A constant change in your expectation of what you think is going to happen.” – Mark Monchek

The companies that are in fear and confusion are those looking to cut jobs and hold on and they are waiting for the crisis to end. Those companies that are in fear have a scarcity mindset whereas the opportunists have an expansion mindset.

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