Marty McDonald

Jaime Jay welcomes Marty McDonald to today’s podcast. Marty is the founder of the social media agency Bad Rhino, Inc with his partner Rich. Bad Rhino develops unique social media marketing strategies that develop relationships with prospective customers and community members.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Marty had worked with Rich in his previous career as a head-hunter. Rich was running a successful blog and approached Marty about making a career change in 2010.

At the time, Rich was being approached by a lot of folks with questions about social media.  Leveraging social media to promote your business was in its early years.

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What’s With the Name?

Marty agreed to make the leap to entrepreneur if Rich could come up with a good name. they sat down at a whiteboard and Rich wrote out 10 names. It came down to Bad Rhino or Moose Horn. They chose Bad Rhino and their company was born.

What is Bad Rhino?

Marty’s agency focuses on social media. Becuase social media was just out of its infancy, sometimes itMarty McDonald was tough communicating to clients a successful marketing campaign needs social media.

 “Social media is the glue that sticks everything together in a marketing plan.” – Marty McDonald

Each client is different even if they are the same. One Italian restaurant is different from another Italian restaurant. Social media campaigns should be approached separately to capture the individuality of each. There are no cookie cutter plans.

There are no cookie cutter plans. They are able to bring their clients’ voices online and increase their sales.

Creating Relationships

To be successful you need to be able to create the relationships.Leveraging social media is a perfect platform for creating those relationships.

Put content out there that you can look at after and see the results. It’s more than just looking at “x”. For one person “x” might be educating customers, for another it might be brand recognition or building email lists. Some just want a fun place to communicate and be social with their current customers.

Marty welcomes any questions you might have regarding social media. Connect with him and remember to let Marty know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

Bad Rhino, Inc.

If you want to learn how to really take your social media to the next level, get in touch with Marty by emailing him at

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Marty McDonald if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Marty McDonald? (4:32)
  • Why do you need structure? (11:08)
  • What channels should you use? (13:31)
  • Who are you trying to sell to? (17:00)
  • Marty’s one piece of advice? (25:18)
  • Marty’s Breakaway Moment? (32:00)

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