Nancy Bleeke

People have become so reliant on technology that they’ve forgotten how to have a conversation. Nancy Bleeke focuses on 3 conversations businesses need to excel in, the sales conversation, the customer service conversation and the coaching conversation.

“If you want to be successful, you need to be able to productively win in your business.” – Nancy Bleeke

Things to Nail in Conversations

142 Nancy Bleeke How to Communicate Effectively in the Modern Age of TechnologyNancy spent around 19 years of working with companies. She worked with them in the areas of human resource and sales.

“We are so reliant on technology these days that too many people don’t know how to have good conversations when they have that opportunity.” – Nancy Bleeke

Now, she is dedicated to helping more companies grow by improving on their conversations. She shares three types of conversation to focus on: sales, customer service, and coaching.

The Need to Learn How to Sell

Nancy and her team recently set on a mission to help small business owners. She shares that selling does not just provide you with income but also enables your business to thrive.

“Many people start their own businesses based on a passion or something that kept them going, but they can’t stay in business unless they can sell it.” – Nancy Bleeke

There is a need for entrepreneurs to learn how to sell. According to her, if businesses aren’t bringing in clients, they have only about 18 months before they start closing doors.

The Essence of Selling

142 Nancy Bleeke How to Communicate Effectively in the Modern Age of TechnologyAny role does selling in some way. You can sell to earn in business, get approval for a project, receive funding, or for some other purposes.

“Selling at its core is nothing more than helping somebody else make a decision or take an action.” – Nancy Bleeke

Nancy discusses how a conversation helps someone move from commitment to a reaction. Preparing to sell is important but it does not necessarily have to take too much of our time. Listen to the episode as Nancy outlines the things to prepare.

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