Pete Williams My Cadence for Entrepreneurs | Ep. 239

Pete Williams

Pete Williams is an author, marketer, and entrepreneur who owns a couple of businesses mainly in the e-commerce industry. In his book Cadence, he shares the framework that they have used to grow them all.

“Rather than write it as a traditional kind of business book, we’re doing it as a story. The response has been really good. People have found it exceptionally engaging.” – Pete Williams

Framework for Fast Business Growth

Pete Williams My Cadence for Entrepreneurs | Ep. 239Pete has companies based in the U.S. and in Australia. His book, Cadence, shares the captivating story of how a teacher turned entrepreneur found his way to grow his business. The teacher was Pete’s Ironman Triathlon coach.

During the 20 weeks of preparing for the Ironman event, Pete helped established systems in business for his coach. The book introduces the 7 Levers framework that they have implemented throughout the years.

The hard copy is available for pre-orders and provides instant access to its Audible version.

Opportunities to Share a Great Story

Pete had his first writing opportunity many years ago. He was 21 years old when he sold the Australian version of the Yankee Stadium for $500. Cadence brought back similar experiences to him and is already becoming a movement.

“The book goes through this framework that we’ve implemented in our businesses over the years and do some consulting work that helps other people.” – Pete Williams

A Business Growth Cycle

Cadence showcases the features of both triathlon and business. For one thing, the 7 Levers framework it introduces is a cycle in which anyone may use to grow their business.

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