Silvia Shamus is an entrepreneur, certified toxic free living consultant, health and nutrition expert and above all, a happy wife and mother of four beautiful children. Silvia was born in Acapulco, Mexico and grew up in a difficult environment. She grew up without her parents, didn’t know where her next meal was coming from, had no plumbing and so she had a very trying childhood. She has an incredible story that epitomizes a “rags to riches” life and when you meet her you can understand why she is so admired and well-liked. She is bi-lingual and has a strong spanish speaking following. Silvia will be the first to tell you that she has experienced just as many failures as successes, but she has found inner peace.

Silvia is very excited about her current business ventures and she attributes her success to branding herself first and foremost. So many people just aren’t educated when it comes to health and nutrition so Silvia has made it her life’s passion to share a healthy way of living with as many people that want to learn.

Silvia ShamusDuring this show, you will learn about:

  • Western medicine vs. natural remedies
  • Why you need to be aware of the ingredients in products you use and consume
  • You will never believe what is in artificial vanilla flavoring… it has to do with, well, you have to hear this, lol (10:55 mark)
  • What a “Toxic-Free” lifestyle is – (14:00 mark)
  • Toxic chemicals that are banned in other countries are not banned in the USA – this is completely shocking
  • Do you brush your teeth with flouride? You might want to reconsider – (25:20 Mark)
  • Do you wear perfume or a frangrance with botanical oils – (28:00 Mark)
  • why it’s so important to introduc Legumes into your diet – (30:00 Mark)
  • What was Silvia’s “Break Away” moment in life – (41:45 Mark)

Silvia’s Contact info:

  • Learn more about Silvia by visiting
  • You can find Silvia Shamus on Google Plus and Facebook
  • You can email Silvia at if you would like to talk with her more.

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