Steve Caldwell

Jaime Jay welcomes Steve Caldwell. Learning from successes and failures developed his self-awareness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are essential to building a successful business.

“8 out of 10 people showing up just to collect a paycheck is just a waste of talent and resource. You can go to or to advance your career and understand what you are really doing.” – Steve Caldwell

The Importance of Leadership Teams

140 Steve Caldwell Self-Awareness Builds Successful Businesses and Successful TeamsSteve specializes in management and leadership training. He helps businesses place the right people in the right jobs. He also helps them build successful leadership teams.

“Building a leadership team is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in business, but it’s essential if you are going to be successful.” – Steve Caldwell

In business, creating something profitable is not the only thing that matters. You can also find joy in working with your team. Steve loves to help businesses in this aspect for them to avoid pitfalls.

Self-Awareness as Key

Recognizing that you need help is also important. It can be pretty easy to step out and do things on your own. But according to Steve, it won’t be long until you realize that you can’t get it all done.

“The fact that you are not tripping over means that you are a risk taker. But you are never going to grow and scale if you are the only person that’s doing all the work.” – Steve Caldwell

It is one thing to work in your business and another thing to work on it. Developing a plan that will work is essential.

From Worker to Owner

140 Steve Caldwell Self-Awareness Builds Successful Businesses and Successful TeamsSteve shares that every person has his own set of limitations and thought process. And we have to be aware of that ourselves. He learned that most people don’t know their strengths.

“When you see those things that you do very well yourself, you are also going to have a list of things that you are not particularly good at.” – Steve Caldwell

People who are not like you will complement your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Everyone, including business owners, has to be honest with himself. Doing so will take you from working in your businesses to actually owning it.

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