Steven Robertson

Steven Robertson has been in the business of delighting students for 40 years through the Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs. Through his passion for the camps, he’s created a culture of honor within the business. This culture has been his recipe for the company’s success.

“Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude.” – Steven Roberston

Staying In Touch for Success

Steven Robertson Stop Riding the PineSteven’s goal is to ensure an experience of a lifetime for his students. That means staying in touch with the current generation whether that’s Gen-X or Gen-Z. Listening to the people his camps engage with is critical.

It is important to understand who they are and what they are interested in. That keeps the entrepreneurial spirit flowing within the company.

You have to be looking ahead to what’s new to be successful. You have to be relevant to your customer.

Getting Started in the States

Steven is originally from South Africa and moved to America 18 years ago with his wife and family. He started teaching tennis and within 18 months had an opportunity to manage the HR department at Julian Krinsky. He absorbed everything he could and truly enjoyed the process of hiring the 300 some staff required for the summer camps.

“Culture is one of the most powerful and important parts of any business.” Steven Robertson.

He then dove into the IT and restructured the entire IT infrastructure. Fast forward and he’s the CEO of Julian Krinsky. Steven knows what every job within the company looks and feels like. It’s created what he calls an honor culture system.

Creating a Culture

Steven says his honor culture is the most important aspect of his business. The company wants to honor the people they engage with, how they go about their day and how they honor their customers. It all starts with the customer experience.

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