Tim Fargo Why Bootstrapping Beats Being Funded | Ep. 245

Tim Fargo

Tim Fargo is the President at SocialJukebox, a content management system that has helped brands to streamline their social media marketing campaigns. Today, he talks about the hustle myth and his own story as an entrepreneur.

“By going away, it’s a little bit you enable people to handle things by giving them the opportunity to do it while you’re not there.” – Tim Fargo

From Zero to Multimillion Dollars

Tim Fargo Why Bootstrapping Beats Being Funded | Ep. 245Tim has always been entrepreneurial. One time in college, he decided to launch a resume matching service where students and companies could meet.

“Your path is your path, so you kinda have to get your own bruises along the way.” – Tim Fargo

The business did not succeed as expected but he learned so much from that experience. True enough, he applied the lessons later on at Omega Insurance Services, an insurance fraud investigative company he co-founded and sold for $20 million.

Debunking the Hustle Myth

While hard work is an important component of getting ahead, it isn’t everything there is in achieving success. Apple, for example, didn’t work harder.

“They weren’t focused on reiterating an existing idea; they were focused on reinventing an idea.” – Tim Fargo on what made Apple one of a kind

According to Tim, they took a very different approach from their competition. It’s the nuances that make businesses stand out.

Marketing for the Business

As with other entrepreneurs, Tim worked a lot in starting a business. Marketing, he shares, was always the challenge because it’s uncontrollable.

He was running a service business and needed to keep his staff busy. The first thing he did every day was to bring work. Everything else went secondary.

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