Tim Rhode

Tim Rhode is the creative force behind 1 Life Fully Lived a lifestyle living program promoting making more than you spend. He lives small and reinvests for the future and has helped millions do the same.

He’s passionate about technology and his new company Redox is a start-up he likens to the modern API for healthcare. His company works behind the scenes to bring the healthcare industry the new technology it needs.

Finding His Niche Through Service

Tim Rhode Stop Riding the PineTim Rhode was not focused as a young man. He was the kid in the back of the classroom not paying much attention. As a consequence at the age of 25, he found himself working as a part-time grocery checker.

After realizing he really wasn’t going far as a checker, Tim discovered real estate and subsequently a career he was passionate about. He’s so passionate about his path in life for the past 18 years he listens to “Welcome to the Jungle” each morning after he wakes up.

Reimagining Life

Tim took his lessons learned from his personal struggles and created 1 Life Fully Lived. A service organization committed to empowering others to live their life to the fullest.

1 Life Fully Lived is centered around the premise you have to work smart to achieve your goals. If you’re ready to start your own business, you don’t quit your job, you get up earlier and you work smarter.

“You don’t quit your day job…you get up earlier…you get things done…you juggle you adjust” – Tim Rhode

To achieve your goals you have to work effectively, efficiently and productively.

Pushing Two Wheelbarrows

Make sure you’re ready to make the commitment to start another endeavor. You’re already working the day job. You have to in order to pay the bills. 

Tim imagines your day job as a wheelbarrow. you have to push that up a hill every day. Now imagine a second one. Are you ready to make that commitment? Are you ready to get up earlier and work harder?

“If you know you want it then go full out for it!” – Tim Rhode

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