Victor Yocco

Jaime Jay welcomes Victor Yocco to today’s podcast. Victor is an outstanding UX researcher with over 10 years of research and evaluation experience. He represents the customers [users] in program and design decisions. Tune in to learn how you can enhance your product for success!

Highlighting the Significance

Victor Yocco Understanding Customer ExperienceVictor is a UX (user experience) researcher, who particularly engages with potential users. His job requires him to observe and understand the user’s experience for his colleagues to enhance the design that they use. As a team, they make sure that users understand what they see in front of them.

UX is the whole experience—what people feel when using the site, how they think about your company or product, and how they encounter your customer service.” –Victor Yocco

The user’s need comes in importantly when designers think about a new design. For this, Victor serves as a resounding board that would make sure the needs are reflected on the design. He works closely with the designers in solving the problems at hand.

Early Beginnings

Victor Yocco Understanding Customer ExperienceVictor got a PhD which focused on research in psychology and communication. He was really interested in the human behavior. He was curious in the way people receive and interpret information as well as what makes behavior change.

Where a zoo might want you to walk away with a greater appreciation and the desire to learn more about a specific animal, websites want you to buy their product.” –Victor Yocco

As a student, Victor’s task included talking to and working with zoos and science centers. He was to determine whether their exhibit spaces were effective. After graduating, he continued working for a while where he eventually transitioned into UX.

Common Principles

Victor found a lot of similarities between his studies and user experience. He shares that all the principles of psychology that suggest persuasion and techniques around behavior change apply to both physical and mind space. This inspired him to write about this newfound perspective.

Listen to the rest of the story of Victor Yocco to understand customer experience. Connect with him and learn how to enhance your product. Remember to let Victor know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Victor Yocco if you are in a hurry:

  • What is the job of a UX researcher? ([3:54])
  • Who is Victor Yocco? ([7:51])
  • Significance of distinct visual presentation? ([13:00])
  • Mistakes in user experience? ([15:12])
  • Things to improve in user experience? ([19:00])
  • Engaging with potential users? ([23:48])
  • Victor’s Breakaway Moment? ([27:12])
  • Victor’s piece of advice? ([34:50])

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