Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese won the International Sports Photographer of the Year award but found out accolades don’t always translate to financial freedom. He knew his skill set but needed direction to use it correctly. Learn how Vincent went from struggling to support a family to financial and time freedom in this episode of Stop Riding the Pine.

“We all have time that we get stuck. Just be better than yesterday and you will surpass all your expectations.” – Vincent Pugliese

Start of the Journey

143 Vincent Pugliese Using Your Talents to Create a Life of Financial and Time FreedomVincent’s story rings similar to many other photographers. At a young age, he struggled with a dead-end job. He was not sure what to do.

“You can’t get ahead if your money and time are out of control.” – Vincent Pugliese

It was not until his dad inspired him to pursue the things he was good at. He bought a camera the next day and enrolled in a community college. That started his years of journey to success in the world of photography.

Pursuing One’s Passion

Vincent didn’t do well in school. He shared how he didn’t get one excellent score while in fifth grade. Growing up, he just followed what people advised him to.

“We all have something valuable that we don’t see as valuable.” – Vincent Pugliese

But he has always been a sports fan. Thankfully, he found himself succeeding years later in sports photography.

Freelance to Freedom

143 Vincent Pugliese Using Your Talents to Create a Life of Financial and Time FreedomAlong the way, Vincent started a side business. His experiences inspired him to write the book Freelance to Freedom. It’s for anyone who wants to live out the life they want.

“No matter how hard I worked, I will never do anything better than this.” – Vincent Pugliese to his boss

Vincent wrote it after years of keeping the ideas to himself. And just around the time he started writing, he won the international sports photography award. His achievements made it even clearer for him to pursue what he loved and did best.

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