33 Zac Johnson – Blogging Entrepreneur

Zac Johnson – Blogger and Entrepreneur

Zac Johnson OZac Johnson is the founder of blogging.org. Zac has always had a business mentality. Zac fell in love with the internet early on in his life. He was still in high school when he started his online business. Zac started making money online in 1995. He learned how to make websites and started earning an income through affiliate marketing. He found that be simply redirecting traffic from one location to another, he was able to generate over six figures as a teenager from his affiliate sales.

While other kids were playing sports and doing the things that kids do, Zac spent his time working in a corner office of his parents home developing affiliate campaigns. He would sometimes work all night and his dad would wake up, ready to leave for work, and Zac would still be on the computer generating campaigns. Hard to imagine, but a teenager was making more money out of his dad’s study that his dad was going to work.

zac-johnson-affiliateWhen he got into blogging, he built a celebrity website where he was ranking really well for celebrity names. He incorporated Cost per action (CPA), sometimes known as pay per action (PPA) and cost per conversion, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale.

In 2007, Zac launched his own brand at ZacJohnson.com. He now had his very own platform to teach others how to make money online. He no longer had to worry about what happened with Google or search marketing, he would still have a brand to fall back. This allowed him to take control of his own financial future without having to worry what other companies were doing.

Today, Zac is focusing on Blogging.org.

Zac Talks about CPM and Paid Placement Ads

Zac Johnson CPM stands for cost per thousand. Depending on the site, you can pay .50 – $10.00 for every 1,000 times your ads are shown. If you look at someone like Perez Hilton, he has a site called PerezHilton.com he gets tons of traffic. Just for a banner ad, he gets over $45,000 per month. This is how he generates over $1 million dollars per year. Zac will help teach you how this is done.

If you have a site and you want to make money, you can work with advertisers and create deals with them where they are paying a high amount for CPM advertising or they can pay you a high amount for affiliate sales. Zac will help create your niche and provide you with relevant ads that will convert based on your audience that are coming to your site.

Zac on Retargeting

Zac Johnson Lawrence Taylor LTZac is focused on Facebook advertising right now using retargeting. If someone comes to your website and you are trying to sell them something, but they leave, by offering a retargeting ad campaign, you can track these visitors by placing a “cookie” or tracking mechanism on your site, visitors will continue to see ads that are related to what they were searching for when they visited your site originally.

If someone doesn’t place an order the first time they visit your site, you can create a “retargeting” ad campaign that will offer alternative follow up advertisements to hopefully convert potential customers at a later time. If you are selling an online course, you can say “I noticed you came to our site, but you didn’t purchase, click here to get a guide about how to make money online with blogging”.

LinkedIn vs Facebook Advertising

Zac Johnson FacebookLinkedin has always been a premium platform. They cater to larger companies that can spend a lot of money. Facebook offers a self-serve advertising platform so that you can create your own ad campaigns so that you can really drill down on your target demographics.

Only people that are really interested in what you are selling can easily be identified using Facebook campaigns. Once you get your reach down you can acutally save a lot of money after you identify your niche. You can actually start advertising on Facebook with as little as $5 per day. Once you see your advertising is working, you can grow your advertising budget.

Zac ususally starts with two to four different ad campaigns (ad copy) with very slight differences. Recently, Zac changed the color of his copy using yellow and green. He found that his conversions were higher with green text. Next, he made smaller tweaks to his ad copy and over time, through split testing, found an ad that converted. Zac recommends making small, subtle changes so that he knows what changes are getting better conversions. If you change a bunch from one ad to another, you will have a hard time identifying what tweaks you made are indeed the caucse of either lower or higher conversions.


Hulk Hogan Zac JohnsonBlogging.org walks someone from the beginning to ways of making money with your blog. If you want to create a sports blog, you won’t make any money. You will be able to generate traffic, but the audience will be too broad to make money. If you niche down for example to a basketball site, then niche down again to basketball skills training and then niche down again to basketball jump training. One way to find out whether or not this topic works is by going to google. If you type in “Basketball” you won’t see a lot of advertisers; however, if you type in “Basketball Jump Training” you will start to see advertisers selling ebook courses, shoes etc.

Once you’ve niched down on a certain topic, you can start looking at the content you can create. You want to make sure that you can create enough content so that you don’t run out of ideas a month down the road. You can start off by creating a blog “The Top 5 Exercises to Perfrom that will Increase Your Vertical Leap”. Within the blog, you can link to a manual that describes various strategies to increase your leap. Once the visitor is redirected to this manual, you will make a commission based on the sale of that book.

Now you just have to focus on getting traffic to your site. You can do guest blogging, even though there are a lot of people taking advantage of this, but if you do it right, you can get a lot of links back to your site.

It’s all about finding great websites and making sure they are in the same niche as yours. – Zac Johnson

If you want to learn more about or connect with Zac Johnson, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

Zac Johnson Rise of the Entrepreneur PodcastBloggingTips.com
Zac Johnson on Twitter
Zac Johnson on LinkedIn
Zac Johnson on Facebook
Rise of the Entrepeneur Podcast

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Zac Johnson if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Zac Johnson? (2:19 Mark)
  • How did Zac get started? (7:00 Mark)
  • What is CPM or Paid Placement? (11:45 mark)
  • What platform does Zac like to advertise on the most? (17:00 mark)
  • What is Blogging.org? (19:25 Mark)
  • What to do when your site isn’t converting or getting traffic? (23:40 mark)
  • What was Zac’s break away moment? (34:52 Mark)
  • Zac’s words of wisdom? (41:08 Mark)

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Before he found his way to the business world, Jaime served his country as a brave paratrooper in the U.S. Army. But that's just the beginning of his many accomplishments.

He's the founder of the renowned Bottleneck Distant Assistant Services firm, and his book "Quit Repeating Yourself" has become a must-read for entrepreneurs everywhere.

When he's not busy building his empire, you can find him on his beloved Harley Davidson, cruising through the countryside and taking in the invigorating effects of Uitwaaien – a Dutch practice that involves facing the wind to boost health and relieve stress.

He enjoys spending his free time outside building stuff with his wife, Nikita the dog and their two kittens (for now at least) Tommy and Tater.

He is ‘over-the-moon’ happily married to his wonderful wife Sara, his amazing daughter, Jessica, who is serving our country as a United States Army soldier. Jaime and Sara are the proud grand parents of two beautiful little girls.

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