5 Website Ideas to Grow Your Business

5 Website Ideas to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for ways to extend and expand your business online? In a previous blog, we shared how having a website benefits your business. We also discussed the five unique distant assistants that can help you in the process. Now, here are some website ideas to grow your business.

“The most careful thing is to dare.” – Shimon Peres

1. Write Regular Blogs

Blogging is a classic way of reaching out to people and allowing them to know more about your brand. Through blogs, you can:

  • Provide tips
  • Notify clients of news and updates
  • Review a product
  • Share your side of a story
  • Provide solutions to immediate or regular concerns

You can decide what topics to include and what not. Better yet, you can create and establish your own voice in the market.

Writing blogs also allows you to earn. To do so, you may showcase advertisements or promote affiliates.

In all these, you will need dedication and patience. First, you need to dedicate your time, money and skills to complete specific goals. You also need patience and understand that growth does not happen in a moment.

Particularly for blogging, you might have to spend an hour or more to complete a post. Before the actual writing process, you will need to research first on your topic especially if you are not yet very familiar with it. You can also do some fact checking to verify any information you include in your blog post.

But what if you don’t have all the time to write?

You may consider hiring a distant assistant instead. When you find someone creative, skillful and generally reliable for your business, you can concentrate on fulfilling other priorities. And since that person is reliable, you can trust him to write and publish regular content on your website.

2. Showcase a Portfolio

Do you have any completed business projects? Among the website ideas to grow your business, showcasing some of your best-completed projects provides a good overview of the quality of work you deliver. In a way, it gives clients that calm assurance that you know your business is about.

In a way, it gives clients that calm assurance that you know what your business is about. Assurance of quality via portfolio also presents authenticity and encourages trust.

Your portfolio can be a page on your website. You may also consider putting up an entire website instead.

You may include:

  • Links to your completed projects
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Project information
  • Images or any other supporting files

A website developer can help you in setting up a portfolio. He can help you build a page or website if you don’t have the time or skills.

3. Host an Event or Contest

An event or contest is a good way of inviting people to your business. You can also host one to gather and motivate your current clients.

Industries who can benefit:

  • Medicine
  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Podcasting
  • Nonprofit
  • Franchise
  • Any other industry you are in

There can be all kinds of events. You can host a Productivity Distant Summit just like the one that will be happening this September 18-25. It will be hosted by teen entrepreneur Marc Guberti, and has more than 50 speakers to learn from.

In the summit, you will hear from some of the world’s most productive leaders. Among them are Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation, Jaime Jay of Stop Riding the Pine, and Mark Asquith of Hacksaw Studio.

You can do the same for your business, and invite inspiring individuals to help motivate or educate your niche. What is something that you can teach people about? Is there anything you can act on to enrich their knowledge or strengthen their skills?

4. Market with a Chatbot

Chatbot marketing has helped a number of businesses and organizations in generating more leads and increasing their conversions.

By definition, a chatbot is a computer program that engages with human internet users. You can have a chatbot on:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Your Website
  • Any other platform where there is API

A chatbot can provide good customer service for your business. It does not get sick and is available 24/7 to cater to your client’s needs.

“We’re letting people take their own journey…while creating a humanized and entertaining experience.” – Peter Lisoskie on relationship experience technology

You may still provide a way for people to talk to a human specialist in your business. Should you want to learn more about chatbots and the opportunities they provide, you can check out Private Label Movement’s episode on Customer Engagement Technology. Or, read the blog about redefining your business with chatbot marketing.

5. Create a Forum

The last in the list of website ideas to grow your business—but certainly not the last option you can explore—is encouraging questions and answers from the community. There are plugins and tools that you can install on your website.

Particularly for WordPress website owners, there are plugins like:

  • bbPress
  • Asgaros Forum
  • Private Groups
  • CM Answers
  • And many others in the plugin directory

There are both public and private forum plugins available. You may also choose to create a community website instead that is just similar to Facebook. BuddyPress on WordPress offers a way for your business to do just that.

With BuddyPress, members in your social network may:

  • Create their own member profiles
  • Follow activity streams
  • Attend groups in the community
  • More

It is available for schools, companies, interest groups, and focused communities. You may integrate it with bbPress as well to level up your forums.

Forums help create and strengthen the relationship in your niche. It also positions you as a leader in your circle, where people may go to and find solutions.

Having a Website on WordPress

WordPress continues to exist as the most popular CMS around the world. According to Web Technology Surveys, it is used by 28.5 percent of all the websites they surveyed.

Reasons why people use WordPress to build their websites:

  • Ease of Use – Its interface is easy to use and navigate, thus making it easy for website owners to manage their websites.
  • Plugins – WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins to choose from. You may build one yourself and contribute to the community.
  • Themes – There are hundreds of free and premium options. You may also customize any theme for your specific purposes.
  • Community – The CMS prides itself with a wide a variety of users. Because of that, help can easily be found through blogs, forums, WordCamps, and others.
  • Multilingual – WordPress accommodates more than seventy languages. It has a team of translators that work together to make the CMS also possible to non-English speakers.

Check out WordPress’ list of features to know more about it, and have a clearer picture of what you can achieve. You might discover other website ideas to grow your business.

A few other ideas that are possible on WordPress:

  • E-commerce store
  • Podcast
  • Web Comics
  • Food recipes and guides
  • Private practice

WordPress offers a wide array of possibilities to anyone with the desire to have their own space on the internet. No wonder why it has millions of users around the world—Bottleneck DA is one of them.

Daring to Delegate

Someone once said every business is unique. Every business has something to offer to her clients. How about you?

We hope these websites ideas to grow your business have helped you form a clearer picture of what you can achieve. With a website, you can have a blog, chatbot, forum, podcast, and a couple more for your business.

“Launching a breakthrough idea is like shooting skeet. People’s needs change, so you must aim well ahead of the target to hit it.” – Ray Kurzweil

There are vetted individuals you can rely on to help realize these ideas for you. You may consider a web developer for your website and chatbots, a writer for your blogs, or a distant assistant to help you in the daily tasks.

What is that one thing you have in store in your business?

Getting used to doing things by yourself enables you to be more familiar with your business. It gears your towards becoming an expert in your field. It also increases your credibility and takes you a step higher in your game.

But as the years progress, new technology, ideas, and needs surface. That calls businesses to adapt to the changes to provide better client solutions. And as you progress, the number of tasks increases as well.

To grow, you might have to delegate some of the tasks. That enables you to focus on other priorities and thereby be more productive.

Many things can present themselves as big barriers in your pathway to success. Will you dare delegate when the need comes? You may consult with Bottleneck Distant Assistants about it.

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