Aaron Agius

Aaron Agius is the CEO of Louder Online a digital marketing agency. He believes in the power of building relationships and partnerships to grow a business.

“Don’t wait until you are the best in the world of something before you start to get your name out there. Do that from day 1 and it will shortcut a lot of things for you.” – Aaron Agius

The Louder Online Team

Aaron AgiusAaron and his team have worked with small startups to big enterprises. Their clients are located in different countries across the globe, and among them are Salesforce, IBM, Ford, LG, Coca-Cola, and Intel.

For more than 10 years now, they have been helping businesses in conducting an intelligent and effective search, content and social marketing. Their experience equipped them to know what works and what doesn’t.

Quality as a Winning Factor

Aaron’s expertise and efforts were featured and recognized by The Huffington Post, Forbes, HubSpot, Inc., Content Marketing Institute, Entrepreneur and the Sydney Morning Herald.

To set apart from the competition, they focused on creating content that matters.

“In order to do right and abide by the books, you need to have good linkable assets on the website.” – Aaron Agius

According to Aaron, they worked on having content that’s worthy of being linked to and shared socially. They took things to a different level.

From a Startup to a Leading Digital Agency

One of the big challenges they faced was the issue of credibility. They had no real history of success when they started.

Apart from startups, they also wanted to reach out to big companies. But they needed to be credible enough to do that.

So, they looked into the credibility indicators that mattered. They also searched for a shorter route to succeed. Among the things they did was contributing to different publications.

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