Dr. Sharon Spano

Dr. Sharon Spano, Ph.D., began her career as a professional speaker that led to her consulting practice. Sharon thrives on helping others maximize their lives through prosperity and meaningfulness.

“We spend too much time every day at work to not have it be meaningful.” – Dr. Sharon Spano

Your Partner in Business and Life

173 Dr. Sharon Spano Maximizing Your Potential in Business and LifeDr. Sharon started her career as a certified speaking professional. She specializes in adult and human development.

Now, she does consulting and coaching for various groups and companies. With her, they learn how to maximize their potential in business and in life.

Into Integral Coaching

Dr. Sharon does very well with integral coaching. She helps people examine their systems to enjoy the abundance they have. Her methodology is well-grounded and researched.

“Time and money is always an issue for the entrepreneur. You either have a lot of money and no time or a lot of time and no money.” – Dr. Sharon Spano

Seeing the Odds in Business

As you might have already learned, there are 12 stages of human development. According to Dr. Sharon, it can be problematic when you are not at the stage you are supposed to be in.

“When you begin to open up the onion of awareness…you’re no longer chasing time and money, you’re drawing it toward you.” – Dr. Sharon Spano

Likewise, entrepreneurs and business owners need to know where they are and the level they need to engage in. This is where she helps them see the things that may be working in their odds.

173 Dr. Sharon Spano Maximizing Your Potential in Business and Life

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