Amaan Nathoo

Amaan Nathoo is an expert in video marketing. He niched that down by solving the need to bring the human touch back to customer relations with Bonjoro.

“Automate processes and not relationships.” – Amaan Nathoo

191 Amaan Nathoo Putting a Human Touch on Customer RelationsPersonalized Videos for Customers

Amaan is the Head of Sales at Bonjoro, an app for sending individual personalized videos to a customer’s email inbox. Prior to that, he had a video startup of his own and was deep into the startup scene in Vancouver, Canada. He’s a BIG hockey fan and uses an insane amount of sports analogies.

Building Stronger Relationships

Before Bonjoro was born, they had another product called Verbate. It’s an app that allows companies to conduct research through mobile videos. They still have it to this day.

“It would send videos to them when they sign up.” – Amaan Nathoo

More and more companies enjoyed their product. As the number of client companies increased, they thought of having a good way of building stronger relationships with them. That inspired them to build and launch Bonjoro.

A Winning Business Strategy

Amaan discusses the challenge of narrowing down their niche. It was particularly difficult at the start.

“There’s a good thing in that the market is huge, but it’s also tough because you can’t tap the entire market at once.” – Amaan Nathoo

Their clients at Bonjoro come from a variety of backgrounds. To keep going and to succeed, they drew their attention towards the important things in their business and kept up with the times.

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