Anne Sugar Leadership 101: When Your Employee is Sick | Ep. 228

Anne Sugar

Anne Sugar is a certified Executive Coach and Speaker, who helps senior leaders navigate through unique situations in leadership.

“This interesting balance that I think you have to have as a leader is thinking about the person but also balancing what’s good for the business.” – Anne Sugar

Bottom Line of Leadership

Anne Sugar Leadership 101: When Your Employee is Sick | Ep. 228Anne worked in advertising for about 20 years. Over the course of her career, she was happiest and most motivated with the people who worked for her. She led a team of 75 people in a large department.

“The bottom line is empathy and the people.” – Anne Sugar

When leading such a large team, one thing to consider is the leader’s set of values. Her values were about the people and about seeing them grow. It is important to consider how these also translate to the work culture and industry.

Harvard Contributor and Coach

Anne got her certification 13 years ago. She’s worked with senior leaders of technology, marketing, and pharmaceutical companies. She also coaches at Harvard Business School in their Executive Education program.

“This was all brand new to me in terms of what to do, how to tell the companies and clients, and the bumps in the road that I had with recovery.” – Anne Sugar

Her latest article contribution for the Harvard Business Review was What to Do When Your Employee is Diagnosed with Cancer. It was based on her own experience.

In the process, she learned a lot of things. Out of which she saw a gap in the journey. She led large departments for 20 years and knew that gap had to be filled.

Balance in Leadership

One lesson she learned was the need to balance the business and the team member. In her article, she shares how frustating it could be. Typically after the first surgery, healing takes place in about 6-8 weeks.

But in her case, the healing process took 12 weeks. The interesting thing was that one client told her, “We can’t wait for you.” It was painful but she understood their decision.

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