Armando Cruz Are You a RICH Modern Man? | Ep. 208

Armando Cruz

Armando Cruz is the bestselling author of The Legacy Code: Modern Man’s Guide to Escape Obscurity & Live A Life Unleashed. He is also an ultra-runner, husband, father, and a legacy coach who helps people show up more powerfully in multiple aspects of their life.

“Life isn’t always the way you think it’s gonna be and how you pivot, how you shift from it, makes all the difference.” – Armando Cruz

Daring World of Adventure

Armando Cruz Are You a RICH Modern Man? | Ep. 208Armando views the world from a different lens. To him, adventure is an opportunity to extract wonder from each experience that life has to offer. It motivates him both as a father as a coach.

Changing Perspectives

It was not always the same thing for Armando. Growing up, he learned that anything is possible through hard work. Little did he know that his perspective was going to change.

“I was missing everything that was happening because I was working so hard to start life, not realizing that I was living it right there.” – Armando Cruz

All his attention was geared towards earning a Master’s degree at a particular university. When things failed, he came to a halt and questioned the purpose of all his hard work. He realized that he was just allowing life to pass by.

Exploring the West in 3 Months

Not long after, his friend invited him to explore the west. For three and a half months, they lived in the car and traveled around the country.

He learned to appreciate the beauty there was as they went to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, California, Las Vegas, Texas, and back to Miami. The experience definitely marked a new beginning in his life.

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