Jeff Harrell The Redbooth Project Management Advantage | Ep. 207

Jeff Harrell

Jeff Harrell is Redbooth’s VP of Marketing. He brings over 20 years of experience in marketing and product management leadership roles, creating high-growth enterprise software businesses.

“Redbooth has a lot of customers. For the most part, they are very happy and get a lot of value out of the product.” – Jeff Harrell

Master of Technology

Jeff Harrell The Redbooth Project Management Advantage | Ep. 207Prior to Redbooth, Jeff has been a founder or employee for companies including AeroFS, nCircle, Qualys, McAfee, PGP, PrivNet, and eMusic.

His areas of expertise include collaboration software, cloud technology, threat intelligence, compliance, vulnerability management, configuration auditing, and encryption.

Redbooth Project Management App

As a project management app, Redbooth enables teams to collaborate on projects. It allows external users to join workspaces, too.

A workspace may contain all the list of tasks, files, and team members of a particular project. Thus, making it easier to track any requirements towards completion.

Redbooth Workspace Privacy

Vendors, clients, or those outside of an organization’s core team can be invited to any workspace. But it comes with a certain degree of limitation.

“When you invite someone to a particular workspace, they’ll be able to see pretty much everything on that workspace but they won’t even know that other workspaces or other users exist.” – Jeff Harrell on Redbooth workspace privacy

Workspace owners or managers may assign them tasks. When a project ends, Redbooth also gives them the function to release those external users. The application is available for use on a desktop computer as well as on mobile.

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