Brent McClure CFO Strategies to Increase Your Business Cash Flow | Ep. 236

Brent McClure

Brent McClure is a real change maker in the world of finance. With his help, small business owners achieve more clarity and a good sense of direction as to where their business is headed.

“Maybe you are doing great but you can always do better.” – Brent McClure

Entrepreneur and CPA

Brent McClure CFO Strategies to Increase Your Business Cash Flow | Ep. 236Brent grew up in an entrepreneurial household. At an early age, he would go out of his way to make money. He later went on to pursue a degree in Accounting and worked for public accounting firms.

Common Business Challenge

Brent saw the common struggle that small business owners face. During his spare time, he would help them develop strategies, maintain their books of account, as well as organize their back office.

“They’re great at whatever their craft is, but they don’t know a lot about finance or about debits and credits.” – Brent McClure on the struggle of many small business owners

It led to the establishment of his very own business called LBM, which offers outsourced CFO services. With a steady income, Brent successfully transitioned out of his corporate job.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Brent would sometimes feel like a financial therapist, comforting business owners when things in their business did not go as they desired.

“There are ups and downs of being on your own and this is just one of the down parts. You can’t quit.” – Brent McClure

He would remind them of the feelings they had before they started. Instead of getting discouraged or walking out, one may look into the things that can be done next time to improve the scenario. Like what others say, “You’ve gone too far in your journey just to quit.”

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