Dan Stones Building an Unbeatable Team Culture | Ep. 235

Dan Stones

Dan Stones is a seasoned Team Dynamics Specialist. At Shifting Peers, they help teams work better together through various events and resources. Today, he shares his knowledge on thriving in a team environment.

“If you want to become a better leader, start by becoming a better teammate.” – Dan Stones

Focus Area in Leadership

Dan Stones Building an Unbeatable Team Culture | Ep. 235Dan has led teams and businesses from different industries for almost 20 years. Over the course of his career, he’s taken leadership positions which have given him the insights on what works and what doesn’t.

The key, as he discovered, is focusing on being a better teammate. It is the same attitude that stuck with him and carved the way for him to succeed. He shares that there’s a need to keep an awareness of how everything fits together.

Ways to Empower a Team

How to empower a team without confiding anything? This is a common challenge among leaders. They could be struggling at one point and would like the team to help.

“It’s about breaking your mindset of what a leader is.” – Dan Stones on finding ways to empower a team without having to confide anything

Everyone has his own idea of leadership. And according to Dan, there are two ways that leadership could be perceived. One is by seeing it as a position and the other is by actually fulfilling its roles and responsibilities.

The second perspective encourages the question, “What can I do with the team and how can they step in the role?”

Succeeding with the Team

Every individual in a team is different. With that in mind, each of them may have different responses to leadership.

“If you could solve every problem, then what do you need a team for? Why are you hiring these people to come and work in an organization?” – Dan Stones

Communicating with the team in an intentional approach could be the best way to empower the team as a whole. Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones who provide the solution all the time. They could create a great environment for people to contribute and to work better together.

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