Bryan Falchuk A Better Life Every Day | Ep. 212

Bryan Falchuk

Bryan Falchuk is a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist. Through his book Do a Day, he inspires others to overcome past challenges, to live a better life every day, and to seize a better tomorrow.

“Not only was I telling myself to survive, I was financially rewarded for looking around for what was wrong and stepping in to change it before everything fell apart.” – Bryan Falchuk

Beginning of Challenges

Bryan Falchuk A Better Life Every Day | Ep. 212Bryan’s formative years weren’t easy. While he was still very young, his parents got divorced. He found them missing especially when he needed them the most.

“As a parent and a husband now, I understand just how much more that is to deal with than the day-to-day life; it’s a lot.” – Bryan Falchuk

He resorted to food for comfort. More than the taste, it made him feel good and filled his need for security. Unfortunately, it caused him to become obese in most of his childhood and teenage years.

Letting Go of the Past

But things started to change when he reached high school. An athletics teacher introduced him to fitness. He did not force him to do things but allowed him to discover what he needed.

Inspirational Story

Bryan became accustomed to fixing things by himself. Deep inside, however, he still suffered from anxiety like anyone else. Now, he lives to share his remarkable journey towards overcoming all the obstacles.

He inspires many people from different walks of life to liberate themselves from their broken past into a hopeful future. His book Do a Day guides readers on how to do it and helps them discover the true motivation to live better every day.

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