Dan Moyle Inbound Marketing through Podcasts | Ep. 211

Dan Moyle

Dan Moyle is the Chief Marketing Officer at Interview Valet, a marketing agency that connects guests with up and coming podcasters. He is also a seasoned marketer with experiences in the mortgage and television industry.

"We don't need more podcasts for podcast's sake. Be a guest and reach new audiences that way." - Dan Moyle

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Dan Moyle Inbound Marketing through Podcasts | Ep. 211This is a strategy that generates more client leads through valuable content. Unlike traditional marketing, it is affordable and more effective.

"With any tool in marketing, it's knowing your audience. If the audience that you want to reach and nurture is not on email, then don't do it. Don't waste your time with it." - Dan Moyle

How Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing may include the use of SEO and social media. These tools and sharing platforms enable distribution of content, such as blogs, ebooks, and podcast episodes. They keep the audience engaged and updated.

Connecting with the Target Audience

Another way to connect with one's audience is through emails. As Dan discusses, email is still not dead. People can still be reached through their inbox.

"Email is still valid. It's becoming less effective if you are not good at it." - Dan Moyle

While mobile devices are still on the rise, people turn to them for updates. These may include emails from various companies and individuals. The key is to know the needs of the audience and to provide them with more value.

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