Chris Ronzio How to Scale with a Centralized System | Ep. 225

Chris Ronzio

Chris Ronzio introduces an easy way to organize and grow a business. He is the author of 100 Hacks to Improve Business in Your Life and was named one of Arizona’s entrepreneurial champions.

“The more time that you start to free up, the less demand there is on you day-to-day so that you can go to Boston with your family.” – Chris Ronzio

Building His First Business

Chris Ronzio How to Scale with a Centralized System | Ep. 225At 14 years old, Chris and his friend signed up for the Video Production Department at a Career Fair in Massachusetts. Back then, he dreamed of becoming a sportscaster for ESPN.

They rented out cameras and created their own TV show on public access. They would go around town interviewing people. Eventually, they started getting into high school sports.

“It became this repeatable business model where we would partner up with organizations, record the games or the tournaments, and have an ongoing client that we work with forever.” – Chris Ronzio

It was then they discovered a great opportunity for business. They realized they could sell copies of the games to coaches, parents, and talent scouts. That launched his first business called Event Video Company (EVC).

Growth through a Centralized System

Chris worked on his business for about twelve years. In the process, he was fortunate to move away from it. He left his office and employees and moved to Arizona.

“We had over 300 camera operators and 3 offices. We built that business to the point that we could sell it in 2013.” – Chris Ronzio

It opened up opportunities for growth. The lessons he learned from that experience got him to where is today.

According to him, the more fine-tuned a business’ systems are, the better life is going to be. This is true whether you want to keep your business forever or have plans of selling it in the future.

Trainual App for Organizing a Business

When Chris sold EVC, he realized the peculiarity of what they did. They had camera operators all over the United States and hired off a job posting platform. Although they never met their team in person, they were somehow executing and delivering the footages.

It was the epitome of a system that ties business. They had checklists, perfectly packaged kits — everything was in place. So, when they sold the company, other business owners also desired the same thing.

People wanted their business to just run even when they’re away from the office. That started his consulting company and eventually the launch of the business organizing app called Trainual.

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