Ryan Cote A Strong Brand Presence in Print and Digital Media | Ep. 224

Ryan Cote

Ryan Cote is the Director of Digital Services and Partner at Ballantine Corp, a family-run marketing agency that has stood the test of time and has been operating since 1966.

“Getting clear about your ideal clients and focusing on them work because I am seeing it firsthand like literally right now.” – Ryan Cote

Into the Family Business

Ryan Cote A Strong Brand Presence in Print and Digital Media | Ep. 224Ryan is passionate about health and fitness, self-improvement, and family. In 1966, their family established the company Ballantine. But he initially had no intention of going into the family business.

“It’s a long family business with three generations in nearly 53 years.” – Ryan Cote

After graduating from college, he took several marketing positions. It was not until his brother joined the family business that he also got interested.

Marketing at Ballantine Corp

Ryan started the digital division of Ballantine 5 years ago. Prior to that, the family focused primarily on print marketing. It started as print-and-ship back in the 60s and evolved into print-and-mail.

From there, they started getting into the creative aspect of marketing. They started purely as printers. They would print brochures for companies and ship them.

Winning in Digital Marketing

As they changed from print to digital marketing, the most challenging part was manpower. Ryan was the only person in the digital marketing division of the company.

“It got to a point when we grew as big as we probably were in terms of what I can handle personally.” – Ryan Cote on the challenges in marketing

His skillset back then was only search engine optimization (SEO). But they were looking to offer multiple strategies, including social media and paid search.

They focused on SEO for a couple of years. Business growth proved challenging since Ryan also had marketing responsibilities. Not soon after, his brother joined him in marketing and their different strengths helped them attract more clients.

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