Clint Arthur Win through The Speaking Game | Ep. 209

Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur is a celebrity entrepreneur and is the author of Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed. He is committed to helping businesses accelerate through confidence and public speaking.

“Just keep building your fame, your following, your stardom, your assets.” – Clint Arthur on how to stand out from competition and succeed

Celebrity Entrepreneur in Town

Clint Arthur Win through The Speaking Game | Ep. 209Clint may not be one of the Kardashians, but he exudes a charisma that is hard to forget. He goes outside the common boundaries of fear and gets himself before a camera, connecting with famous artists, news anchors, and celebrated individuals.

He’s spoken at prestigious places like Harvard, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, West Point and Fox Business.

How to Stand Out from Competition

Television and other public appearance, as Clint shares in this episode, give businesses a boost in their identity. It helps them increase their profit and improve their clientele.

“That is what everybody in business needs to do. They need to separate themselves out from the crowd and appear to be slightly better.” – Clint Arthur

Business with the Right Person

Clint Arthur with Simon Cowell

Clint Arthur with Simon Cowell CTO

The speaking engagements can also provide businesses with marketing resources to repurpose. It helps spread a brand message and tells clients that they are doing business with the right person.

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