Marie Incontrera The Social Way to Launch Your Book | Ep. 234

Marie Incontrera

Marie Incontrera is the author of Social Your Book Launch. Her consulting has empowered thought and business leaders in promoting their brands. Today, she shares her story, tips, and insights on the world of social media — and her preparations for a TED Talk.

“Find what makes you weird and make that a part of your brand, because it works.” – Marie Incontrera

The Story of an Entrepreneur

Marie Incontrera The Social Way to Launch Your Book | Ep. 234Marie is a social media, content creation and speaker consultant. She mainly works with thought leaders, business authors, coaches, and other consultants. In her spare time, she plays the piano and also plays roller derby.

Her journey goes back to her Music School days. She did social media marketing for their band. Seeing how skillful she was, her entrepreneur friend encouraged her to go a mile further with it.

It introduced her to great clients as well as to the different industries that could leverage social media marketing.

Incontrera Consulting

Marie looks into what works for her clients. For some, like business authors, LinkedIn is the place to go. Her consulting starts with an audit that leads to the evaluation of different social media platforms.

“Things grow and things change, so you really have to evaluate your plan and be able to adapt.” – Marie Incontrera

Tips on Social Media Marketing

One lesson that took her long to understand is that social media marketing takes time. It takes time to build one’s visibility and credibility. There is a need to provide value first.

“Nobody sees everything but everybody sees something. If you post every month, the algorithm doesn’t favor you and nobody will see it.” – Marie Incontrera

Content creation is one way of providing value to the target audience. The published content could be relevant today as it is 6 months from now. And as Marie observed, the clients who do the best are the ones with the most number of content.

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