David Barnett

David Barnett works with entrepreneurs around the world helping them to buy, sell and organize their small and medium-sized businesses. He’s an author of 7 books including How To Sell My Own Business, which became an Amazon bestseller.

“If you’re working in a business you own today but you’re not writing yourself a paycheck that’s equal to or greater than you’ve paying to do that work someplace else, then you don’t actually own a business; you own a job.” – David Barnett

David Barnett Organizing Your Small Business | Ep. 197Background in Business

David has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He had five different businesses. He sold two of them, closed the other two, and kept just one.

The exciting thing about it is it isn’t just his business; it’s also his hobby. He enjoys putting his mind to work on organizing the business processes and tools.

How to Get Ready to Sell

One of the concerns people have asked him is about giving new life to businesses that don’t seem to work. How do you make them attractive in order for people to buy from them again?

“Systematization is helping people prepare to sell their business.” – David Barnett

David has went from being a Finance Broker to being a Business Broker. As the latter, he helps businesses sell themselves by showing people that they are worth it.

13-Step Process That Works

David equips his clients with a 13-step process to follow. It allows them to create a solid system for their business.

“Once we addressed how the business worked and created systems to make sure that we and everyone [involved] knew exactly what they were doing …, all of a sudden the business became one that wasn’t such a pain to run.” – David Barnett

It became so efficient on the clients’ end that as they started in the process, many of them reconsidered their move to sell. The process enabled them to enjoy the kind of life they’ve wanted.

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