Dwayne Paro Empower Yourself for the Future | Ep. 210

Dwayne Paro

Dwayne Paro is a military veteran, coach, IT executive and now author of The Empowered Veteran: Strength and Confidence to Harness Your Future.

“I used the Ready, Aim, Fire aspect which a lot of militaries are used to as well as entrepreneurs. It has a lot of translation into how you kinda take off with a business and such and make decisions.” – Dwayne Paro

Life in Transition

Dwayne Paro Empower Yourself for the Future | Ep. 210Dwayne served in the Air Force for 8 years. Afterward, he spent two decades in the tech industry where he now serves as the Chief Information Officer for a Federal Aerospace Engineering firm.

His company, Landmark Life Coaching, became an avenue for him to connect with others across the United States. He’s interviewed and coached people in transition as well as those who have transitioned.

The Empowered Veteran

After the long wait, his book The Empowered Veteran is now complete and available for purchase. It is a must-read for those seeking to transition into the civilian world and build successful careers.

“Those core strengths are something you should not take for granted. A lot of people assume because they have those that others have them as well.” – Dwayne Paro

Honing Your Core Strengths

The book is structured in three main parts. It presents the Ready, Aim, Fire approach to life and business. The Ready aspect focuses on one’s core strengths.

Dwayne shares how each person is unique. Each person has a different set of strengths to hone in order to achieve something better.

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