Frank Sell On Leadership and Giving Back | Ep. 233

Frank Sell

Frank Sell is the Owner of Baby Beard Club, an essential beard oil company that is standing out in the market for its products’ genius names and therapeutic effect.

“It’s not a top-down fix, it’s a bottom-up. It’s men taking control of themselves and of their lives, and that influence just flows out from there.” – Frank Sell

The Hard Truth in Business

Frank Sell On Leadership and Giving Back | Ep. 233Prior to Baby Beard Club, Frank ran a paintless dent repair business for 15 years. The nature of his job required him to be away from his family for most of the time. But there’s so much more to life than earning and saving money.

Organic Beard Oil

Frank’s wife suffered from Hashimoto’s disease. Thus, they made every effort to be aware of their health. When he started to grow his facial hair, his wife created an organic serum for him instead of buying one from the store.

“The first night I used it, I slept really good.” – Frank Sell

Because of its therapeutic effect, he started telling others about it. He made a couple of sales calls, too. The next thing they know, they already launched an essential beard oil company.

Marketing the Company

The name Baby Beard Club came from the relaxing sensation one gets from applying the oil. Without hesitation, he bought the domain and officially opened the business to the public.

“The thing I learned about business is you almost need to be a marketer first to go out and find businesses. Catch people’s attention and back it up with a really solid product or service.” – Frank Sell

Frank’s creativity can be seen in the names of their products. One of their popular ones is Get Shit Done. To those interested in growing fuller beards, they also have Miracle Bro.

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