Jason Swenk The Faster Way to Grow Your Digital Agency | Ep. 232

Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk presents a proven framework that can help marketing agency owners grow their business faster. He is a consultant, a speaker, and a seasoned digital marketer.

“When you get overwhelmed, you’re giving too much priority on too many things. Focus on that one big thing that you want to do.” – Jason Swenk

Marketing Business Journey

Jason Swenk The Faster Way to Grow Your Digital Agency | Ep. 232Jason’s journey started in the late 90’s. From a web design business, he and his colleagues grew a big marketing agency which they sold in 2012.

His former competitors reached out to him for help not long after. Little did he know that he was diving into the same industry again. But it was different that time around.

He transformed into a media company, providing things that he wished he had before. These include a podcast, eccentric emails and eccentric videos that bring people together.

Growth through Innovative Resources

Jason has his mind set on innovation and the creation of resources that will help one person. Back then, that person was him running the business.

“It’s great to grow your business on referrals but it just isn’t scalable.” – Jason Swenk

The Need for Mindset Shift

Relying on referrals was one of Jason’s pain points. The referrals he would get were either on the same level or below his clientele. If he desired higher level clients, his referrals weren’t getting him there.

“When you start doing that mind shift, it helps you create the right content for [your ideal clients].” – Jason Swenk

He needed to find a way that will bring people to his business. It was not a question of whether it would work without him. Rather, it was a question of whether it would work faster.

In the process, he realized the truth that he cannot work for everybody. Not everyone is also perfect for all. And, businesses don’t have to destroy their competition but could actually help them out.

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