George Zwierko & Mike Compton How to Produce a Successful Video Campaign | Ep. 246

George Zwierko & Mike Compton

George Zwierko & Mike Compton are the Co-Founders of Three Chairs Production, a video production company located at Tampa, Florida. For five years now, they have brought people to an advanced level of brand experience through high-quality videos.

“So, the magic is in the pre-production. Magic is in the research that we do for brands … Yeah, it’s always taking a step back and starting with the why.” – George Zwierko

Starting Three Chairs Production

George Zwierko & Mike Compton How to Produce a Successful Video Campaign | Ep. 246Prior to Three Chairs Production, George ran an ad agency. He’s always been in the creative industry. One day, he decided that he needed a video production arm to market his agency.

He’s known Mike for many years since he used to be his client. When he heard that Mike went to become an independent producer, he reconnected with him and started the company.

Three Chairs, Three Key Persons

The name of their company expresses the idea of an open conversation over a cup of coffee. The three chairs represent the key participants in the production journey: the producer, the creative, and the client.

“In order to take it to another level, you have to not only see it, hear it, and connect with it but you should also experience it.” – George Zwierko on storytelling through videos

High-Quality Video Experience

One of their lines of business has been into the interactive space. They are, in fact, doing an interactive experience installation within the Amalie Arena — home to NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

“When you get there, you’d feel like you are at a complete destination but you are immersed in the brand 360 degrees.” – George Zwierko

The interactive space allows a person to experience a brand completely with all its sights, sound, touch, and smell. It brings the person to an advanced level of brand engagement. There’s an interactive display that allows a guest to sit in a space and completely engage with the video.

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