Jake Carlson

Jake Carlson left his 9-5 job for self-discovery and entrepreneurship. He traveled the world to discover the need for great leadership and what it takes to become a great leader in business and in life.

“The CIA of influence is what gives people the ability to take a message and create action. Have the conviction, be irresistible, and be accountable.” – Jake Carlson

Start of the Journey

188 Jake Carlson Influential Leader, Speaker, Author and EntrepreneurJake chose to live the extraordinary life out of his typical 9-5 job. After 11 years of service as a tax attorney, he took his family with him and went on an adventure around the world.

Within a year, they went to 12 different countries, overcoming robbery, redeye flights, and Haggis while learning to love the rich cultures.

The Need for Leadership

The adventure led him to the unexpected journey of leadership. He saw the need for strong leadership everywhere.

“Leadership is something that is everywhere.” – Jake Carlson

People struggle to determine where their leadership traits are coming from. Along with it was the uncertainty of how they could take their leadership to the next level.

The CIA of Influence

Now, Jake is helping Elite Achievers become leaders using the CIA of Influence. CIA stands for Conviction, Irresistibility, and Accountability.

“Leadership is influence.” – Jake Carlson

According to him, leadership gives people the ability to influence others. And CIA exists to help them step up in their game.

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