Susan Peppercorn How to Deal with Your Inner Critic | Ep. 231

Susan Peppercorn

Susan Peppercorn is a Career and Life Coach, who holds a Certification in Positive Psychology. Her book presents strategies that aim to help people become more fulfilled and happy with their chosen careers.

“Crafting your job to match your strengths and the energy that you get from certain tasks, you could stay in place and find greater wellbeing.” – Susan Peppercorn

Satisfaction at Work

Susan Peppercorn How to Deal with Your Inner Critic | Ep. 231As a Career Coach, Susan works primarily with professionals in career transition. They may have been forced into the transition or may want to make a change to find something that they feel is missing in their career.

She used to work at high tech marketing and sales. Her goal in life now is to help people find satisfaction in the work they do.

Inspiration Behind the Book

Two things inspired Susan to write the book. First, she wanted to challenge herself. She wanted to see if it was something she could actually do.

“If this was the problem that I had for most of my career, meaning that inner critic was renting space in my head, then other people must be having that problem as well.” – Susan Peppercorn

Ditch Your Inner Critic Book Readers

Susan was writing blogs for about 2-3 years prior to writing Ditch Your Inner Critic. In the beginning, she thought it would be a compilation of some of her content. But her accountability partner enabled her to create something fresh instead.

“Honestly, if she had not been there — with her feedback and encouragement, it never would have been written.” – Susan Peppercorn thanking her editor

The book especially suits anyone who finds themselves replaying situations in either life or work. They could be thinking about what they could’ve done better.

It would also be helpful to those who procrastinate, to those who hesitate in making decisions, and to those who are reticent to ask for help.

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