Ken Tucker Next Level Digital Marketing Strategy | Ep. 206

Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker is the Founder of Changescape Web, a digital marketing company that empowers small businesses to be found online. He is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide, a certified marketing consultant and a certified inbound marketing professional.

“If your website doesn’t convey what you do within 3 to 5 seconds, you run the risk of losing somebody if you do get them on your website.” – Ken Tucker

Fail Often in Digital Marketing

Ken Tucker Next Level Digital Marketing Strategy | Ep. 206Ken believes in the fail often strategy. According to him, starting a business is exciting and one should never be afraid of failure.

“Online marketing is best done as a series of small experiments.” – Ken Tucker

Digital marketing, in particular, requires a constant series of tweaks. Businesses can make their best attempt to market in the highly measurable yet fast-changing environment.

Every Business is Unique

Ken shares that search engine optimization is not for everybody. One may do well using Facebook ads or a lead funnel instead. Before beginning, it is important to determine how much a business can afford.

“It ultimately depends on the type of business that you have, your capacity to grow, your capacity to make investments to grow your business.” – Ken Tucker

Way to Guide Customers

A clear-cut marketing strategy and brand message are also assets to a business. Having a sales funnel is one strategy that resonates with every line of business Ken could think of.

It guides customers through their journey. And when someone does visit a business website, the page should help that person know more and understand what the business can offer. Focus on adding value to leads and customers.

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