Jeffrey Shaw The Key to an Irresistible Business | Ep. 242

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw speaks to entrepreneurs and business leaders alike about the value of using the right language to reach out to the right people. He’s a speaker, coach, photographer and podcast host. Today, he shares the story and lessons that inked his pen as scribe of the book Lingo.

“What people want is a deep, authentic connection. They want to feel like we get them and they get us in return. And speaking one’s lingo does that.” – Jeffrey Shaw

Lingo: A Thirty-Year Story

Jeffrey Shaw The Key to an Irresistible Business | Ep. 242The skill sets we use to provide service to customers take years of sharpening.

“You’re not paying for that event, you’re not paying for my time. You’re paying for the decades of self-development and education and exploration that went into it to get you at this moment with this skill set.” – Jeffrey Shaw

The same is true for writing a book. Lingo is a culmination of personal stories stemming from on a life-altering encounter that is more relevant today than ever.

The Plot Twist

In 1984, then 20-year-old Jeffrey put up his own photography business right after graduating. He got engaged, his business flourished. But then his father passed away one month short of a year into his entrepreneurial career.

This event shook his life and put everything in a tailspin until one day, he realized he needed to reinvent himself.

Speaking the Right Language

Jeffrey was speaking to a prospective client about the value of family portraits and handing them down to their children. The response he got led Jeffrey to a startling revelation, the crux of Lingo.

“And I realized in that moment why my business wasn’t working. I literally would speak in the wrong language to the wrong people.” – Jeffrey Shaw

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